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I've always been the kind of guy who has been love with ideals.

If I ever fell in love, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be due to the person I'm with. I will just fall in love with the idea of love.

Everything I ever sought, I ended giving up on. I just realize that it's never the actual product that I desire - it's the idea of reaching it.

But when all you focus on is the ideal, then you're void of reality. I found that the actual work of reaching a goal can be a complete bitch and that lessens my desire to see it through.

I've been thinking and I think it's time that I focused on something and give up everything else that stops me from reaching that goal.

I guess that my one true weakness, my biggest Achilles's heel, my biggest chink in the armor, is video games. True, I want to program them, but how can I focus on learning how to when I'm playing someone else product?

In order to change, you have to give up things you enjoy. That's the first step in growing in an ideal person. Loss is unavoidable, but there are moments when loss is invaluable. That time is when you choose to let go of something and deal with the consequences.

Guess that's what I'm trying to do....

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm leaving the hardcore category and becoming a casual gamer. 3 hours on the weekend, that's enough...
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